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Founded in 2006, Chaozhou JIAYU Ceramics Making Co., Ltd. is a competitive company combining the development, manufacture and export of daily Ceramicware, situated in Chaozhou Guangdong with 20,000 square meters of manufacturing space and more than 200 employees in total. Our company has passed BSCI, ISO9001 certification of quality management, in adherence with food safety inspection standards. With advantages in customization, high-quality service and reliable quality, our products have been widely recognized by customers in various countries and become long-term partners of several international brands. Moreover, we have established a stable long-term strategic partnership with suppliers of bamboo, wood, hardware, plastic foam, decal, electroplating, silica gel, carton and so on, forming a comprehensive supply network with ceramics at the core to meet the diverse needs of customers. Going forward, we will continue our innovation and expansion, looking forward to long-term cooperation with more new customers and a win-win future.

With simple designs inspired by Nature, Jiayu ceramicware features a perfect blend of traditional and modern materials, while displaying clear modern designs. Our team makes every endeavor to innovate, bringing vigor and warmth to every corner of a home. Jiayu products allow everyone to meet with wonderful surprises daily and enjoy every moment at home.


CHAOZHOU JIAYU CERAMICS MAKING CO., LTD. is a ceramics company of unique and diverse
design and manufacture.With complete sets of professional production lines, covering mold R&D,

high-pressure and rolling, kiln, pad printing, decal kiln and other production workshops, our company has a reputation for superior technology and reliable quality.

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Corporate culture
Principle Credibility and innovation are the eternal themes of development
Mission Adhering to scientific attitudes in the design and manufacture of ceramics Advocating for the use value and culture of daily-use ceramics
Goals To promote ceramic cultural products as a perfect decoration at home
The art of JIAYU
The carving of the work in hand, without any attention, automatically shield all external interference, pursue the perfection and perfection of the product until it is satisfied with itself.

Enterprise History

The founding of the Jiayu Ceramics Factory

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Chaozhou JIAYU Ceramics Making Co., Ltd. Add.:Fengxin East Road,North Industrial Zone,Chaozhou Avenue,Chaozhou Guangdong,China Tel:+86-768-3288328 / 2807088

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